Pennsylvania State University Beaver Stadium Video Scoreboards

The Pennsylvania State University commissioned NV5 to design, specify, and manage major audiovisual upgrades to its iconic Beaver Stadium. Home to Penn State’s storied football program, the 107,282-seat venue is the second largest outdoor stadium in North America. Consistent with expectations for a major NCAA Division I program, the new state-of-the-art video scoreboards and accompanying fascia ribbon displays are nothing short of top-notch.

Two new High Definition 16mm LED scoreboards tower over either end zone of the stadium, offering an assortment of features. HD video content can be delivered from two independent sources, providing the ability to display separate content on each scoreboard or mirror the image. Each scoreboard has standalone closed captioning displays attached to its base. In addition to live video, the displays broadcast instant replays and all game statistics to fans. Plans include design of a collective audiovisual control systems interface which manage real time data, video, scoring, corporate signage, and information. These systems also tie into new video ribbon fascia displays which circle the stadium’s upper deck. Ribbon displays are used for graphics and animations intended to pump up the crowd, specifically PSU’s renowned student section.

The PSU Board of Trustees approved the new audiovisual program only after a lengthy process, in which NV5 was responsible for planning, conceptual design, pricing, and complete performance-based specification. An extensive bidding process was conducted and justified in written reports, as multiple bids were evaluated based on a best value proposition. As part of a larger overall project, upgrades to the scoreboards needed to overcome a few hurdles during the design phase. Variance regulations in College Township required that the overall footprint of the new scoreboards could be no larger than the existing structures. In addition, the renovated structures required additional steel support and power upgrades to be up-to date with building codes, in accordance with all local ordinances.


State College, PA




Key Facts

Budget $10M