Polymer and ISB Chilled Water Plants Upgrades

Commissioning services for the Polymer and ISB Chilled Water Plants upgrade at the UMass Amherst Campus.  The Polymer CHW Plant currently serves several buildings including Engineering Lab II, Computer Science and Conte Polymer Research. With the 2014 construction, the chilled water service of Polymer is now supporting Paige Lab and Knowles. The ISB CHW Plant, the Integrated Science Building, supports the Life Sciences Lab, ISB, Skinner, Morrill Science and Studio Arts Buildings.

The Polymer CHW Plant was replaced with a new 10,000 SF building while the ISB CHW Plant was upgraded for MEP equipment. The Polymer CHW Plant was cross-connected to the GRC Chiller Facility as part of the work.

The construction started in the spring of 2016 with the completion to meet the chilled water connection for the New Physical Science Building in 2018. The project achieved LEED Silver Certification.


Amherst, MA


University of Massachusetts Amherst



Key Facts

  • LEED Silver Certification
  • Project Size: 10,000 SF
  • Construction Cost: $30 Million
  • Project Completed: 2021