Poseidon Desalination Plant

Poseidon Desalination Plant – 12kV UG Conversion and SCADA Extension

NV5 provided the design and construction support for four 12kV distribution circuits to feed the milestone Poseidon Desalinization Plant.

This is the largest seawater desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere.

In order to provide power to the project, NV5 proposed a unique approach to support fiberglass conduit via engineered steel supports down an abandoned pit from the decommissioned Encina Storage Facility. NV5 completed the structural and conduit design with cutting-edge 3D modeling software to overcome complex physical obstacles and obstructions to ensure the design was constructible and electrically efficient. A complex above-ground conduit system was designed to withstand the pulling forces put on the system during cable installation and included safety precautions to protect the public and equipment from harm. NV5 also designed the underground getaways from the nearby substation and the final distribution feeds from the pit through an existing tunnel to terminate at the four different switchgear locations.

CYMCAP software was utilized to analyze the worst-case ampacity hot spots for this project’s standard trench, open air, and ventilated tunnel configurations. NV5 utilized a 3D high-definition scanner and advanced 3D design software to ensure no conflicts would arise inside the tunnel and around the abandoned oil pipe system inside the pit. NV5 also provided an overhead and underground fiber design to bring nearby SCADA lines into the substation and to the desalination plant for equipment monitoring. NV5’s design submittals included the complete construction package for the electrical and civil portions of the project. Additionally, NV5 provided a construction management team which included a project manager, structural engineer, resident engineer, field engineering support, a surveyor, and a field document control person.


Carlsbad, CA