Boulder Canyon Hydroelectric Refurbishment

The City of Boulder received a U.S. Department of Energy grant to move forward with a major plant modification to the 100-year old hydroelectric facility.

NV5 worked directly with the City and Xcel Energy to manage the onsite construction and coordination of contractors, suppliers, and engineers. This included the decommissioning of equipment, replacement of a 10MW turbine generator with a new 5MW unit, relocation of transmission lines, replacement of transformers, replacement of circuit switchers, and other building/site upgrades.

The majority of construction was conducted over the Colorado winter, adding an additional challenge to an already difficult project.

Multiple upgrades were made to the project site, including improvements to access bridges across Boulder Creek and a major overhaul of the overhead crane system. This project was the final of three phases to continue bringing renewable energy to the City of Boulder and its residents.


Boulder, CO


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Key Facts

  • 10,000 SF
  • Project Cost $12M