NV5 - Salt Lake City Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport Terminal Redevelopment Program

Salt Lake City International Airport announced a terminal redevelopment program designed to rehabilitate existing facilities and build new facilities, including operational infrastructure and roadways. Additional goals included providing buildings that are earthquake resistant and promoting efficient hub airport operation, meeting security needs for passengers, and eliminating airplane parking bottlenecks. NV5 provided the commissioning plan, design review, operations & maintenance (O&M) manual reviews, and pre- and functional performance testing for this program.

Over 22 million passengers fly out of Salt Lake City International Airport annually.

This project had a compressed schedule with a hard deadline. To accommodate the schedule, the commissioning team performed shift work. Additionally, multiple teams and various design packages made this project particularly challenging. Frequent meetings and coordination efforts allowed team members to keep up with the developments. Using CxAlloy for commissioning documentation also aided the communication efforts. Furthermore, due to the existence of unique air handling units with non-standard configurations, NV5 spent extra time on the test procedures to ensure the sequences made sense and everyone understood expectations.

Systems commissioned included building automation; electrical, Mechanical, and HVAC; emergency power, ATS-Transfer, and UPS; grounding; fire alarm and life safety; lighting and lighting controls; equipment vibration and sound control; IT, data communication, and AV; instrumentation and controls; and building envelope.


Salt Lake City, UT


Salt Lake City Corporation


Key Facts

  • 1.2M+ SF
  • Cost: $2B
  • Value of Consultant Services $2.75M (est.)