Santa Clara County zero net energy plan

As part of a consulting team, NV5 has assisted the County in evaluating a number of renewable generation projects. The first included a zero net energy plan for the County’s existing multi city block Government Center, including their County Offices, Courthouse and Jails. As part of the work, NV5 conducted a broad evaluation of opportunities for efficiency, renewable generation and other energy projects, with consideration of applicable advanced technologies. NV5 further assisted the County in evaluating proposals for a county-wide RFP for over 6 MW of fuel cell projects that were bundled into four categories based on project sizes at eight SCC sites. NV5 also provided an analysis of a RES-BCT solar arrangement where 11 MW of PV are to be located on seven county sites and transfer bill credits to remote meters.


  • Feasibility Study and Zero Net Energy Planning
  • Financial & Performance Modeling of Fuel Cell Projects
  • Solar Analysis, RES-BCT Tariff


San Jose, CA


Santa Clara County


  • Decarbonization
  • Solar PV Consulting

Key Facts

  • Zero Net Energy Study for 400,000 SF County Government Center
  • 6 MW Fuel Cell RFP and Evaluation
  • Tariff Analyses and Emissions study
  • On-site and Off-site Renewable Energy Technology Evaluation
  • 11 MW Solar PV RES-BCT Analysis