NV5 - Santa Clarita Transit Center

Santa Clarita Transit Maintenance Facility

NV5 helped the City of Santa Clarita complete the first environmentally friendly facility in the area designed to conserve water, power, and materials, and certified under the national program Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system.

We provided all the construction testing and special inspection including the inspection of the Straw Bale insulation. The project also required the use of flyash in the concrete slabs and paving in lieu of cement, saving the substantial energy required to produce cement and cement production’s CO2 emissions.

The maintenance facility provides approximately 40,000 square feet of building for fleet maintenance, and about 25,000 square feet for operations and administrative function.


Santa Clarita, CA


City of Santa Clarita, Public Works Department


Construction Materials Testing & Inspection

Key Facts

65,000 SF