The Lincoln Apartments

The Lincoln project in downtown Raleigh is a multi-use facility with a mixture of retail and apartments that first came to life in 2012.  At that time, we were engaged to perform a very limited subsurface exploration to aid the developer in determining if suitable foundations could be constructed at a reasonable cost to support the combination of a heavy parking deck structure along with a lighter, 5-story wood framed apartment building.  Our initial investigation revealed that a combination of shallow foundations for the lighter structure and rammed aggregate piers for the parking deck structure would be able to support the anticipated loads.  We then assisted with a Phase I environmental site assessment, which revealed that a portion of the property had previously been a gasoline station.  After further investigation and testing, the site was determined to be suitably free of contaminants, and construction documents were started.  Additional subsurface investigations, including in-situ cone penetration testing, were performed to provide detailed information suitable for the design of the rammed aggregate piers and foundation systems.  Construction of the buildings began in 2014, and NV5 provide a full scope of construction testing and special inspection services that included soils and foundation testing, verification of rammed aggregate pier construction, concrete quality control, verification of reinforcing steel for foundations and slabs, testing of structural steel connections, verification of wood framing connections, and testing of asphalt pavement materials.  The building and parking deck were completed in 2015, filling a need for high‑end residential apartments on the eastern side of downtown.


Wake Forest, North Carolina


  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Testing Services