UMass Boston Utility Corridor & Roadway Relocation

NV5 is serving as Owner’s Project Manager for the planning, design, and construction phases of the utility corridor and roadway relocation project, a campus-wide utility corridor and roadway system for UMass-Boston.

As part of the project, a reliable “looped” utility corridor will be constructed around the perimeter of the campus providing domestic water, fire protection, hot and chilled water, gas, sanitary sewer, electrical, and telecom services to all of the existing and future buildings for the build out of the 25-year campus master plan. At the surface, the project will begin the transformation of the campus to an at-grade pedestrian campus that capitalizes on its harbor front location. Improvements will include a circulation network which better manages vehicular traffic on campus as well as improved pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and landscape connections to the harbor walk.

The utility corridor and roadway will be designed to provide future flexibility and capacity to support modernization of existing buildings and the location and design of future buildings identified in the master plan. The design must ultimately provide for phased implementation to meet the infrastructure requirements of the existing operating campus and future planned campus building improvements.


Boston, MA


Owner’s Representation Services

Key Facts

  • 120 Acres
  • Project Cost $184M