Women’s Field Hockey Scoreboard

The Pennsylvania State University received a highly anticipated upgrade to their women’s field hockey scoreboard system. The new scoreboard features a large LED display that is capable of showing live-action feed, game highlights, advertisements, and game/player statistics. In an interview for the university website, Charlene Morett, head coach of Penn State’s women’s field hockey team, speaks highly of the new scoreboard by saying, “it has totally enhanced our facility.”

Initial programming of the requirements and a large wish list from the coaching staff were developed over several iterations. Conceptual drawings were created to show cost-effective and innovative designs for the new scoreboard. Pictures were taken of the field hockey facility’s existing scoreboard, removed from the background, and replaced with 3-D renderings of the new scoreboard to create several photorealistic examples of what the facility would look like with the new scoreboard. The images were used by the university to aid in securing funds for the proposed project.

Working closely with the engineering company, specifications and detailed drawings were created and the bidding documents were finalized. Final commissioning was provided to ensure proper installation and functionality at project completion.


State College, PA


The Pennsylvania State University
Stahl Sheaffer Engineering


Audiovisual Systems Design

Key Facts

  • Budget $500,000