Energy Operations Efficiency Services

Your trusted energy advisor and educator

NV5 helps maintain the energy efficiency of our client’s facilities during their operating lifetimes to minimize forward operating costs, improve the environment, and foster productive long-term relationships.  We help clients understand how, when, and where resources are consumed, and use that understanding to identify cost-effective efficiency measures for them to implement.

Owner-Managed Energy Upgrade Services

For energy upgrade projects on operating facilities that do not require the services of an Energy Services Company and are typically Owner-Managed, we provide the following , valuable and independent quality assurance services:

  • Development of detailed business cases, to help you identify technology suppliers
  • Implementation support, including oversight of installation and commissioning activities
  • Restoration of equipment/system efficiencies to initial performance levels through Retro-commissioning (RCx)
  • Integration of systems to optimize performance of the entire facility

Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)

Data analytics provides various sectors with new ideas and solutions to problems, moving from reactive to preventive actions.

Our MBCx service features an open platform enabling data from a wide range of sources to be continuously analyzed.  Our service helps owners and operators find what matters in the data produced by their equipment systems.

We provide an ongoing data analytics service for continuous commissioning of mechanical equipment, enabling the following on top of normal BMS functions:

  • Resolving operational issues in real-time, leading to energy and cost savings
  • Visualizing sensor or equipment failures to identify maintenance issues
  • Picking up design limitation or misalignment with operation to identify design issues
  • Enhancing operation sequence by identifying control inefficiencies and area for improvement
  • Improving training and awareness by working with onsite staff to develop competence for plant operation and continuous commissioning approach in operations
  • Regulating of BMS service contact by identifying defects, monitoring responsiveness of service contactors, and prioritizing their actions.

Commercial PACE (C-PACE) Consulting Services

As one of the nation’s first and most experienced PACE project Technical Reviewers, NV5 provides the following C-PACE consulting services to state and local governments, lenders, and project owners:

  • Informing C-PACE energy project development on behalf of project owners
  • Conducting technical reviews for loan underwriting for both State financing agencies and private lenders to provide confidence that C-PACE projects meet stated financial objectives
  • Advising state and local governments on C-PACE program efficacy
  • Performing Owner’s Representative services for large C-PACE project owners, including commissioning review and M&V oversight as required.