New/Renovated Facility Energy Design

Reducing energy consumption while mitigating environmental impact

For clients building new or renovating older facilities, NV5 performs Energy-Conscious Design Reviews (ECDR) that augment A/E energy system designs to reduce both capital costs of development and future electric, gas, and water costs.  This cost-saving service is not typically provided by A/E firms.

Our service provides:

  • An overall design review of building envelope, HVAC equipment and technologies, building control systems, water, and lighting from an energy efficiency, resiliency and sustainability standpoint
  • Detailed energy modeling (or review of A/E models) throughout the building process to ensure accuracy of final energy use predictions
  • Suggestions for potential alternative energy sources and/or a microgrid that would offset utility costs and provide for greater resiliency/sustainability
  • A review of contractor pricing to ensure fairness of pricing.
  • Introduction and application for available rebates, incentives, and subsidies that are often missed
  • An education on special financing options for upgraded design, paid for by enhanced energy savings (without increasing the price of original design)
  • Suggestions for energy-efficient Sequences of Operation that minimize equipment energy use while ensuring occupant comfort and maintaining code compliant spaces
  • Life cycle costing and optioneering to clarify true future O&M costs
  • Metering and monitoring strategy for energy and water to identify system degradation and suggest remedies.