Engineering & Technology: Audiovisual Systems

Enhancing communication, connection, and collaboration.

Audiovisual presentation, production, and performance systems are a mainstay of electronically enabled communication and collaborative environments. From display systems that support needs for visual acuity of computer and video imaging, to audio systems that bring clarity and intelligibility enhancing both spoken word and soundtracks, to the human interface/user experience of digital remote controls for both technical and environmental systems, our approach to audiovisual systems and infrastructure design focuses on carefully integrating technology into the architectural and interior plans for each facility enhancing and improving communication and connection.

NV5 Projects


  • Display & Presentation Systems
  • Audio, Music & Intercom Systems
  • Conferencing Systems
  • Digital Signage/Media Distribution Systems
  • Rich Media Capture/Distance Learning Systems
  • Broadcast Audio/Video Recording/Distribution/Editing Systems
  • User Interface & Show Control Systems

Process & Approach

We offer a proven process and approach designed to share technology trends, solicit ideas, develop successful scenarios, and define functional, experiential, and performance goals.

  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Visioning & Benchmarking
  • Systems & Infrastructure Design
  • Technology Standards Development
  • Program & Systems Management
  • Faculty Development & Training
NV5 Projects