Engineering Services

NV5¬†provides engineering services in construction and program management. Of particular interest are our services in claims review and claims resolution. We understand the sophisticated nature and complexity of today’s construction claims and focus on early resolution to avoid the high cost of mediation, arbitration and legal fees. Our claims experts are experienced in dispute resolution, construction delay impact analysis, mediation, arbitration, and providing testimony as expert witnesses. If there is no other recourse but mediation or arbitration, NV5¬†assists clients through the process and successfully negotiates cost-effective settlements.

We have expertise in the following:

  • Construction Management and Training
    NV5 provides full scope construction management services including resident engineering, office engineering, construction inspection, materials sampling and testing, construction staking, and claims review and resolution on transportation projects, water facilities projects and building projects. We are available to provide formalized and informal training on various construction management techniques, such as resident engineering, contract administration, document preparation and control, schedule analysis, and claims avoidance.
  • Staff Augmentation
    NV5 has an excellent reputation supplementing agency staff to deliver projects by providing seamless integrated support. We are proud to share our construction management and engineering knowledge with our clients to strengthen their staff’s capabilities.
  • Design Support Services
    NV5 offers design support services, including constructability reviews, value engineering, milestone PS&E review and plan checking, as well as project estimating. Our staff includes experienced resident civil engineers and architects with both design and construction experience, making an invaluable combination during project development. Using our staff’s experience early in the project can benefit our clients in both early project development cost savings and delivery time.
  • Wastewater Treatment and Compliance Services
    NV5 provides wastewater treatment and compliance services, including compliance issues adherence, with both federal and state environmental standards. We also analyze process control data and provide design services for problem issues associated with wastewater treatment and disposal.