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Skyscene Is Now NV5

In December 2017, NV5 acquired Skyscene, LLC  (“Skyscene”), a leading provider of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight services headquartered in San Diego, California. The aerial survey and mapping company operates fixed wing and multirotor UAV’s while carrying the most advanced remote sensing equipment. They can cover thousands of acres a day providing 2D Orthomosaics, Contour Maps, 3D Densified Pointclouds, as well as having the ability to calculate all volumetrics on the property such as cut, fill, and total volume. These metrics are far greater than traditional ground survey because they can place an XYZ coordinate on every inch of the property getting an extremely accurate measurement. Integrating NV5’s LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) mapping technology with Skyscene’s UAV flight services positions NV5 as one of the leading UAV LiDAR aerial mapping service providers in the nation. Traditionally provided with fixed wing aircraft or helicopters, the use of UAV LiDAR adds value to our clients by providing higher resolution mapping, rapid mobilization, and more cost-effective services than can be achieved using manned aerial vehicles or traditional survey methods.

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Remote Sensing Resources

Remote Sensing Resources

NV5 uses the latest in multi-rotor and fixed wing unmanned aircraft in addition to using sensors such as the Riegl VUX1 LiDAR Scanner, high resolution RGB cameras, FLIR long wave infrared (thermal) and multispectral sensors. NV5 uses unmanned aircraft with proven reputations of safe and reliable operation, such as the Sensefly eBee and the DJI Matrice 600 Pro, with all aircraft maintained, utilized and stored properly. NV5’s wide reach across the nation promotes our company’s ability to be quick and responsive to urgent or emergency operations. While having the capabilities to respond efficiently, NV5’s aerial remote sensing services provide quick data procurement and processing, while maintaining accurate deliverables at an affordable price.

Company Statistics

Our team has a combined professional UAV experience of:

- 15,000+ Multirotor and Fixed Wing Flights

- 200,000+ Acres Surveyed

Commitment of Safety

NV5’s unmanned aviation team operates within the guidelines of its own internal Aviation Operations Manual, with safety and professional excellence as core principles. NV5 is committed to safe air operations and our manual complies with the regulations and guidelines set forth by our clients; the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); and by Federal, state and local governments. All operations are professionally planned and executed keeping the safety of other air traffic, the public and colleagues as a primary concern.

As part of our commitment to safety, NV5’s aircraft use redundant backup systems for critical flight components. These components include flight controller sensors, motors, batteries, and GPS receivers. In the event of a critical flight component failure, the aircraft can still safely land for repairs in many cases. Flight critical components are always thoroughly inspected prior to, between and after flights. Any potential problem components are immediately replaced with original manufacturer parts.


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