Erwin Williams, P.E.


Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from N.C. State University, 1983. Masters in Civil Engineering from N.C. State University, 1988.

Professional Experience: Erwin founded and has managed TerraTech since 1990.  In addition to his management and organizational skills, he has over thirty-four years of experience in helping clients understand and address the geotechnical and environmental challenges of the sites they are considering for numerous types of development.  His expertise includes: geotechnical engineering evaluations of shallow and deep foundations for single-story and mid-rise buildings, parking decks, warehouses, and industrial facilities, performing bearing capacity and settlement analyses and evaluations of the suitability of ground improvement techniques such as Dynamic Deep Compaction, Rammed Aggregate Piers, Vibro-Piers, and reinforced aggregate stabilization layers; design and analysis of various types of earth retaining structures, including reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry and Mechanically Stabilized Earth retaining walls, soil nails and tie-backs; slope stability analyses for earthen dam structures, retaining walls and earth slopes; and earth dam design and construction.  His expertise also includes environmental assessments of properties, including Phase I environmental site assessments; Phase II environmental testing programs to evaluate Recognized Environmental Conditions revealed in Phase I assessments; underground fuel storage tank assessments, removal and remediation, along with coordination with appropriate regulatory agencies for obtaining “No Further Action” letters; assessments of dry cleaning sites; coordinating site development activities on Brownsfield sites; and radon testing and evaluation.  Erwin has also been involved in thousands of construction projects involving the analysis and testing of various construction materials, including evaluations and testing of fill soils; testing of soils for shallow and deep foundation support; installation of pile foundations; testing of ground improvement programs, including Rammed Aggregate Piers; Portland cement concrete; brick and block masonry; structural steel; cold-rolled steel; wood framing; fire-proofing materials (spray-applied and intumescent paint); and asphaltic concrete pavements.

Hometown: Lumberton, NC

Hobbies: Travel, golf, brewing beer, and attending NC State sporting events.

Fun Fact: Worked on and led the Confirmation Committee at my church over a 6 year period.

Quote: “It is what it is.”