Newcomb K-8 Academy ACM Assessment

The 50-year-old Newcomb K-8 Academy campus in Long Beach, California was demolished to make way for the development of a state-of-the-art public school. All existing buildings on the site, including foundations, were removed entirely.

NV5 conducted a comprehensive assessment for suspect asbestos-containing materials (ACM), friable and non-friable, lead-based paint, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs), mercury in light tubes and refrigerants in six permanent buildings and 11 temporary classroom buildings slated for demolition. NV5’s survey for lead utilized a direct read X-Ray Florescence Analyzer (XRF). NV5 also assisted the client in managing unforeseen ACMs discovered during excavations and soil grading. NV5 reviewed previous survey records, collected additional samples as necessary and developed an up-to-date survey that met the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Guidelines, 40 CFR, Part 763.

NV5 provided abatement design documents to be used by abatement contractors for bidding purposes. The abatement documents included locations, estimated quantities, removal means and methods, worker protection and disposal of all ACMs and lead-based paint. NV5 aided the client in the contractor selection and recommended the most qualified bid.

NV5 provided abatement monitoring during the removal of ACMs prior to demolition of the buildings and removal of underground utilities. The monitoring was conducted by a State Cal-OSHA Certified Site Surveillance Technicians and/or Certified Asbestos Consultants. The monitoring included, but was not limited to, review of contractor’s removal procedures to meet project abatement plan and current local, state, and federal regulations, including engineering controls, worker protection, air sampling during removal activities including AHERA air clearance and review of waste disposal requirements.

During demolition activities, identified buried utilities and discovered they contained asbestos. NV5 interacted with the client, general contractor, remediation contractor, and the local South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to develop a cost-efficient process to remove these unforeseen ACMs without major delays.

The project had extremely high visibility and sensitivity since the project was in a quiet residential neighborhood. NV5 worked with the client to complete the project on time by providing a comprehensive inspection and developing a thorough scope of work. Should you need assistance, you can contact us at 833.522.1685 or