Sustain Efficiency with an Energy Optimization Audit

When considering an energy audit for your commercial property, it’s important to understand that energy optimization is not limited to new construction.

By implementing an energy audit, a property owner can reduce operating costs through all stages of a building’s lifecycle. Whether transforming an existing structure into something new or maintaining its current state, evaluating your current energy use can provide valuable information that can save you thousands of dollars.

What Can an Energy Audit Identify?

Energy audits can be used to identify utility incentives and renewable energy opportunities. Retro-Commissioning can highlight performance improvement measures to help meet building operational goals as well as capital improvements to address aging infrastructure and/or life-cycle issues related to deferred maintenance.

Whatever the building condition, it is worth discussing energy and sustainability services with your due diligence provider to ensure that you are not missing out on cost-saving and systems maintenance opportunities. Through our relationship with NV5 Global, Bock & Clark can offer such services.

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