NV5 - Evan Hewes Highway Bridge over the East Highline Canal

Evan Hewes Highway Bridge over the East Highline Canal

NV5 performed this emergency bridge repair project to mitigate significant erosion around abutments 1 and 4 of the Evan Hewes Highway Bridge over East Highline Canal. The approach slab at abutment 4 was almost completely unsupported after the backfill behind the abutment had been eroded by water flow in the canal. There was similar damage at abutment 1, although it was less substantial.

NV5 was tasked by the county to provide plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for bridge repairs that would bring the structure into a safe and satisfactory condition. NV5 engineers lined the interior of the abutments with sheet piling in order to protect the concrete slurry backfill placed at both ends of the bridge. Approach slabs designed to current standards were constructed, and the bridge railings were rebuilt. Plans for future placement of rip rap in the canal around the abutments to further protect against erosion were put on hold until such time that the Imperial Irrigation District could interrupt water conveyance for an extended period.

NV5 was given an aggressive submittal schedule due to the state of emergency and completed the project on time. Construction started almost immediately and was completed without incident.


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