Guy West Bridge Painting and Rehabilitation Project

Clients / City of Sacramento
The Hanna Group was selected by the City of Sacramento as the prime consultant to provide Resident Engineering, Inspection, and Materials Testing Services for the Guy West Bridge Painting and Rehabilitation Project!

The Guy West Bridge is a steel suspension bridge over the American River which was constructed in 1966 for use by pedestrians and bicyclists. The project consists of removing and replacing the paint, and repairing the Guy West Bridge, including cable and suspender repair, deck and joint seal repair, handrail repair, and bearing pad replacement.

The major elements of this project include:

  • Removing the painting system and repainting the bridge
  • Restoring suspension rope connections
  • Repair of truss strut members
  • Replacing deck seals
  • Repair of deck spalls
  • Relocating backstay cable clamps
  • Replacing handrail hardware
  • Repair of loose utility conduit
  • Replacing approach truss bearing pads
  • Replacing SMUD conduits
  • Traffic detour signage
  • Compliance with environmental requirements and permit conditions
  • Coordination with the various entities within or surrounding the proposed bridge

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