NV5 - Lawson Valley Road Bridge

Lawson Valley Road Bridge

The County of San Diego selected NV5 to redesign a replacement bridge that had already been designed by another consultant. Because of the high environmental impacts, a new horizontal alignment was chosen to avoid an archaeological find. Site constraints limited the vertical profile, which in turn limited the type of structure to be used. Subsequently, NV5 selected a cast-in-place post-tensioned slab to minimize structure depth and eliminate intermediate supports within the creek.

Design and construction were done in two stages, to maintain vehicular access at all times. The rock outcrop in the area provided some challenges and necessitated the use of shallow foundations at Abutment 1 and deep foundations at Abutment 2. Caltrans review was quite extensive, but we were able to obtain approval by complying with the requirements of the Highway Bridge Program (HBP).

NV5 provided the Plans, Specifications & Estimate (PS&E) package and performed a hydraulic and scour analysis to demonstrate to Caltrans that the proposed design was adequate. Construction started in February and was completed in December of the same year. NV5 also provided as-needed construction support services.


San Diego County, CA


San Diego County