Orwood Road Bridge Replacement Project

The scope of work on this project includes removal and replacement of the existing Orwood Road Bridge. The existing bridge has been categorized as “Structurally Deficient” based upon the National Bridge Inventory Rating System by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The new bridge will be 220 feet long and 42 to 44 feet wide. The structure will be comprised of three spans of precast-prestressed (PC/PS) concrete voided slab girders sitting on reinforced concrete two-column piers and seat-type abutments. The structure will provide two 12-foot wide traffic lanes, two 3-footwide shoulders, one 8-foot wide bicycle/pedestrian lane along the southern edge, a 42-inch high exterior combined vehicle/pedestrian barrier, a 42-inch high interior combined vehicle/bicycle barrier, and a 42-inch high exterior bicycle railing. The replacement bridge will be constructed within the existing roadway easement. General construction operations include driving temporary piles for work trestles, permanent large cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) piles in Werner Dredger Cut, grading, scour/erosion protection, wingwalls, retaining walls, and driveway connections. The abutments will be constructed in approximately the same location as the existing bridge abutments. Rock rip-rap will be placed to armor the abutments and prevent scour and erosion. The existing bridge will be completely removed including removal of the timber piles at the mudline.

NV5’s scope of work on this project includes constructability review, pre-construction services, resident engineering, structure engineering & inspection, roadway inspection and construction management.

  • Existing Bridge Removal
  • Public Outreach
  • SWPPP Coordination
  • Sensitive Area
  • In-Water Works
  • CIDH Wet Piles
  • CIDH Piles
  • Work Trestle
  • Falsework
  • Stakeholder Outreach/Coordination
  • Utilities
  • Erosion Control


Brentwood, CA




  • Program & Construction Management
    • Civil Program Management

Key Facts

  • Construction Cost (est) $7.4M
  • 220 ft long

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