NV5 - Watts Water Technologies Training Center

Watts Water Technologies Training Center

NV5 provided MEP/FP/Telecom/AV design services for this renovation project which converted basement storage, office, and mechanical spaces into a state-of-the-art training facility where customers, distributors, and sales representatives can obtain hands-on experience with the company’s plumbing, HVAC, and water quality products and technologies. The 12,000 SF facility includes configurable classrooms, demonstration labs, and working mechanical rooms that showcase Watts products in action.

The HVAC design included a new outdoor air handling unit to serve the training center and future planned renovations, a new exhaust system, and a new gas fired condensing boiler plant to serve the entire building. The boilers were designed around Aerco, which is a Watts-owned company and served as a focal point of the training center while being used as the operable building system.

The plumbing design consisted of a new water entrance room behind glass partitions to display the multitude of Watts building entrance products. This included a combination of Watts gate & butterfly valves, anti-flood control valve, reduced pressure backflow preventer, custom automatic control valve, one flow-anti scale system, and smartstream UV system. The design also included a high pressure process loop with four training stations for customers to learn the techniques of maintaining Watts products while under operating pressures. In addition, a new cold water, hot water, and hot water return loop with four training stations was designed for training of their mixing valve products. New air compressors with distribution piping was also part of the plumbing design.