NV5 - Wildcat Canyon Road Widening

Wildcat Canyon Road Widening

This project included two segments. The south project consisted of widening Wildcat Canyon Road for left turn lanes for northbound and southbound traffic. The north project consisted of widening the roadway on the east side and the addition of acceleration/deceleration lanes and a two-way left turn lane. Oak Oasis Road also was  realigned. NV5 project design tasks included traffic control and phasing; scheduling; estimates; developing modified roadway profiles; design for major storm drain realignments; and grading.

The south project at the intersection of Muth Valley Road consisted of widening Wildcat Canyon Road to accommodate a 12-foot left turn lane for northbound traffic and a 12-foot right turn lane for southbound traffic. On the north project, Wildcat Canyon Road was widened and realigned along a distance of approximately one mile. A crest vertical curve was lowered by eight feet to gain proper sight distance, and the roadway on the east side was widened to accommodate an additional northbound traffic lane.

A wildlife corridor also was designed under the roadway.

A significant element of the project was to design and realign an existing “S” curve into a sweeping horizontal curve and to build a 96-inch storm drain to replace existing substandard drainage structures. Traffic control and phasing were also important elements of this process.


San Diego, CA


County of San Diego