Modifying Existing Healthcare Building Systems for COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has required changes to select parts of infrastructure within healthcare building systems, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, and other medical facilities. Healthcare providers are being advised to isolate COVID-19 patients both from the rest of the building’s patient population, as well as from the health care providers that support these patients.

Typically, infectious disease patients represent a limited portion of a hospital’s patient population.  However, as result of this pandemic, healthcare providers may need to make changes to the ventilation systems supporting the areas of a hospital (or other medical facility) where COVID-19 patients are located.



  • NV5 encourages you to reach out to professionals who can provide assistance in modifying your building systems or cleaning your facilities.
  • NV5 has available and qualified staff for your needs:
    • Industrial hygiene experts that help develop and execute decontamination protocols.
    • Consulting engineers who can assist in identifying building system modification options and in making short term adjustments to achieve incremental improvements in patient isolation.
    • Commissioning engineers and technicians that can support confirmation that the modified facilities can provide a safe and reliable short term solution to the capacity challenge of this virus.
    • Building operations monitoring that can improve the visibility and ongoing effectiveness of the modified systems.




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