Landscape Architecture & Urban Design:
Community Planning & Urban Design

Discovering and capitalizing on opportunities for the future.

Community Planning starts with understanding the civic framework of a place — the agencies, organizations, institutions, and residents that shape places. It entails meaningful engagement to learn how places are valued and to identify expectations, hopes, and concerns.

Urban Design involves understanding, organizing, and shaping relationships between buildings, streets, open spaces, landscape elements, and natural features. Its principles operate within all place types, from rural to metropolitan. Urban design is interdisciplinary; we work with architects, engineers, economists, and other technical and creative professionals to uncover new paths and possibilities. We create clear, compelling visuals to communicate observations, ideas, and concepts, and to generate excitement about the future.


  • Vision Plans & Comprehensive/Master Plans
  • Plans for Neighborhoods, Corridors, Downtowns, & Districts
  • Redevelopment Plans & Reuse Studies
  • Character Analysis, Zoning Codes, & Design Guidelines
  • Public Realm Guidelines & Concepts
  • Mobility & Wayfinding Plans