NV5 Old City Vision 2026 Philadelphia

Philadelphia Old City “Vision 2026”

Along with the Old City District,  NV5 is helping craft a vision for public and private investment in the historic and popular Old City section of Philadelphia over the next decade. Facing increasing growth pressures, the central challenge of the resulting plan, called “Vision 2026” is to chart a course in which change and increased activity in the neighborhood are broadly viewed as a positive development rather than an undermining force that should be stopped or reversed.

“Vision 2026” began as a community conversation about shaping the future of the Old City. The plan is the product of an initial phase of input, research, analysis, and consideration of best practices. This process included several walking tours, an economic market study, review of transit and traffic data, a public survey with nearly 500 respondents, steering committee meetings, a public open house of initial findings, presentation and discussion of draft recommendations, and several interviews and briefings with public officials, property owners, and private citizens.


Philadelphia, PA


Old City District


Key Facts

500 Survey Respondents