Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization:
Energy Audits and Benchmarking Services

To inform the development of an energy project, NV5 conducts various levels of energy audits:

ASHRAE Level 1 Audit – A cursory investigation aimed at pre-qualifying projects before a more detailed evaluation takes place, or to inform the creation of an RFP/RFQ scope for large energy projects like ESPCs.

ASHRAE Level 2 Audit – A more detailed energy audit used to inform the development of smaller energy projects primarily concerned with instituting Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), with work usually implemented by local firms,

ASHRAE Level 3 (Investment Grade Audit) – A detailed engineering document confirming the scope and expected savings of a larger, typically externally financed energy retrofit project to implement ECMs while possibly adding alternative generation or other resiliency/sustainability features.  In the ESPC or EaaS projects we oversee, these audits are conducted by ESCOs to provide the performance guarantee, and we review them for technical accuracy.

Benchmarking – A review of a facility’s utility usage to compare to other similar facilities around the country, usually using USEPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager, to determine which facilities should be included in energy retrofit projects and to maintain an ongoing comparison of performance against other facilities.