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For existing facilities, NV5’s retro-commissioning services deliver improved system performance, lower energy costs, and more effective operating teams. With more than 15 years of retro-commissioning projects representing millions of square feet of building space, we have consistently delivered sustainable energy savings of 10% to 25% with an average payback period of 3 years. Our integrated … Continue reading Retro-Commissioning


For more than 23 years, we have delivered nationally-recognized, award-winning commissioning services for projects around the globe. We serve as our building owner’s advocate, optimizing building efficiency, lowering overall costs of operation, and ensuring operationally ready staff at handover. With our holistic approach, we make documents more effective and project teams more collaborative.

Fire Protection

Fire loss management is one of the many risk management programs that every business or organization should consider. NV5’s fire protection and loss management team have worked on some of the most complex systems and facilities in the world for commercial and government clients. These fire protection engineering and code consulting professionals have the knowledge … Continue reading Fire Protection


NV5’s scheduling services enable successful project completion while minimizing risks and costs. Our planning and performance analytics keep project stakeholders informed and focused on short- and long-term goals required for an on-time outcome. By harnessing metrics to trend achievement rates and labor productivity, we provide an “early warning system” communicated both in detail and through … Continue reading Scheduling

NV5 - UNC Chapel Hill Marsico Hall - Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

NV5’s structural engineering services include structural condition assessments, analysis, and design of structural steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, timber, and masonry structures for both new facilities and renovation projects. Our strong structural engineering core has made us a leader in the industry, but it’s our passion for architecture that sets us apart and gives you … Continue reading Structural Engineering

Plumbing Engineering

NV5 has been a part of many impressive projects, designing the water supply for the 8.5 acre Fountains of the Bellagio, the lagoon and fountains of the Mirage Volcano, and the million-gallon pool in the Le Rêve Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas. Our plumbing systems circulate hot and cold water around the building, remove … Continue reading Plumbing Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

Mechanical Engineering NV5 has designed some of the world’s most spectacular mechanical systems, including air-handling and climate controls to deal with the smoke, fire, and water effects in nearly all of the Cirque du Soleil theaters, and super-efficient, redundant cooling systems for some of the nation’s most advanced data centers. We also specialize in commercial, … Continue reading Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

Energy Efficiency

At NV5, we are committed to helping clients around the world achieve new standards in energy efficiency and reduced operating costs at all stages of the building lifecycle. Energy optimization begins with robust benchmarking and goal setting in early phases of design. Dynamic energy modeling then ensures the project teams meet energy performance goals, while … Continue reading Energy Efficiency