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Hurricane hardening

Hurricanes are increasingly part of our life in South Florida. The question is not “if” but “when” we will be impacted by a major storm. We have been in the lead of engineering survivable structures which are intended to remain fully serviceable after a major hurricane. We have also engineered the hurricane hardening of structures; … Continue reading Hurricane hardening


NV5 has provided façade design for the most demanding of applications, working with clients throughout Europe and the USA to create long-lasting, hurricane resistant façades in South Florida. Stone, aluminum, composite panels, ultra-high-performance concrete, and custom extrusions are all in our wheelhouse. We design the system as a whole, integrating the materials, connectors, support structures, … Continue reading FAÇADES

Glass & Glazing

We have been involved in glass and glazing design and development before Hurricane Andrew, which changed the landscape of South Florida. Since then, we have designed and engineered many hurricane impact systems, developed fenestration systems, guided the testing process, obtained product approvals, and engineered the final installation process for many successful projects throughout Florida and … Continue reading Glass & Glazing

Pool Decks & Waterproofing

Are you ready to turn that wretched outdoor space into a sparkling oasis? Pools and common area decks are where everyone enjoys South Florida. We can guide you through the process of renovating a run-down pool and deck into a stunning outdoor area highlighted with lush landscaping. Whether you need to upgrade your pool coatings, … Continue reading Pool Decks & Waterproofing

Concrete Repair And Restoration

The South Florida environment is especially tough on concrete structures. Our salt air, heat, and moisture are corrosive and continuously attack the steel reinforcing within the concrete structure. NV5 has decades of experience in preparing concrete repair specifications and guiding concrete restoration projects. We start by performing a full survey of the building condition and … Continue reading Concrete Repair And Restoration


For existing facilities, NV5’s retro-commissioning services deliver improved system performance, lower energy costs, and more effective operating teams. With more than 15 years of retro-commissioning projects representing millions of square feet of building space, we have consistently delivered sustainable energy savings of 10% to 25% with an average payback period of 3 years. Our integrated … Continue reading Retro-Commissioning


For more than 23 years, we have delivered nationally-recognized, award-winning commissioning services for projects around the globe. We serve as our building owner’s advocate, optimizing building efficiency, lowering overall costs of operation, and ensuring operationally ready staff at handover. With our holistic approach, we make documents more effective and project teams more collaborative.

Defects in Commercial and Residential Buildings Webinar

Defects in Commercial and Residential Buildings Webinar 1 credit | Course ID: 121078 | FL Provider ID: 372184 This course will educate property insurance adjusters about various construction defects that result in damage to a building. The various defects may be the result of design deficiencies, construction deficiencies, improper/deferred maintenance, and/or material defects. About Patrick … Continue reading Defects in Commercial and Residential Buildings Webinar

Building Sciences

Peer Review, Litigation Support & Expert Witness

As a result of our extensive expertise and more than 30 years of experience in environmental consulting, NV5 provides independent third party (peer) review of the work performed by other environmental consultants. Many of our clients have found the reviews to be a useful method of obtaining a second opinion regarding: (1) the interpretation of … Continue reading Peer Review, Litigation Support & Expert Witness