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For existing facilities, NV5’s retro-commissioning services deliver improved system performance, lower energy costs, and more effective operating teams. With more than 15 years of retro-commissioning projects representing millions of square feet of building space, we have consistently delivered sustainable energy savings of 10% to 25% with an average payback period of 3 years. Our integrated … Continue reading Retro-Commissioning


For more than 23 years, we have delivered nationally-recognized, award-winning commissioning services for projects around the globe. We serve as our building owner’s advocate, optimizing building efficiency, lowering overall costs of operation, and ensuring operationally ready staff at handover. With our holistic approach, we make documents more effective and project teams more collaborative.

NV5 - South Carolina Highway 5 Bridges

Bridge Design & Inspection Services

NV5 is known for our comprehensive expertise in bridge design and inspection, whether for pedestrian suspension bridges, federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP) rehabilitation projects, or major bridges spanning wide waterways or deep canyons. Private and public clients rely on our experienced engineers for concrete and steel designs, from conventionally reinforced box girders to post tensioned … Continue reading Bridge Design & Inspection Services

NV5 - Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

NV5 provides full service geotechnical assistance during all phases of the development process from feasibility and preliminary studies through geotechnical design and evaluations, to quality control and quality assurance programs. We provide a spectrum of services including geotechnical reconnaissance, assessment, and investigations, conventional and advanced laboratory testing, conventional and advanced geotechnical engineering analyses and design, … Continue reading Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

NV5 - Construction Oversight

Observation & Quality Assurance

Observation and quality assurance is an integral part of any project. Our inspectors and project managers understand that communication is key for an effective startup and subsequent work progress. We earned a reputation for anticipating and resolving problems and saving clients time and money, and our positive teaming environment will be a valuable asset in … Continue reading Observation & Quality Assurance

–Independent & Regulatory–

NV5 delivers solutions for and interfaces with many independent and regulatory agencies of the federal government, such as the EPA, NASA, FERC, and NRC.

Environmental Laboratory Consulting

NV5 performs audits and assists laboratories in implementing state, national and international assessment standards. Our team includes environmental analytical chemists, geologists, biologists, environmental engineers, analytical quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) specialists, regulatory specialists and certified laboratory assessors. Our procedures are based on the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) Quality System and ISO/IEC 17025. We provide … Continue reading Environmental Laboratory Consulting

Analytical Laboratory and Data Quality

Analytical laboratories must establish and implement rigorous procedures so the data they produce is consistent, reliable, and defensible. NV5 assists clients in developing quality programs for environmental and other types of analytical laboratories and provides internal and external laboratory and data quality auditing capabilities for conformance with federal, state and industry standards. The NV5 team … Continue reading Analytical Laboratory and Data Quality


At NV5, training is more than just a service we provide – it is a discipline and a philosophy. Merely possessing expertise is not enduring because it expires with the expert. It is only through the sharing of that knowledge that its energy can nurture new growth. For this reason, we are teachers, trainers, instructors, … Continue reading Training

Radiation Safety

Whether you call it “radiation safety,” “radiation protection” or “rad con,” we are internationally recognized experts in the niche technical field of health physics and have supported thousands of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation-related projects since 1994. NV5 has the expertise and experience to quickly understand your issues, develop practical approaches and implement cost-effective solutions. Federal … Continue reading Radiation Safety