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For existing facilities, NV5’s retro-commissioning services deliver improved system performance, lower energy costs, and more effective operating teams. With more than 15 years of retro-commissioning projects representing millions of square feet of building space, we have consistently delivered sustainable energy savings of 10% to 25% with an average payback period of 3 years. Our integrated … Continue reading Retro-Commissioning


For more than 23 years, we have delivered nationally-recognized, award-winning commissioning services for projects around the globe. We serve as our building owner’s advocate, optimizing building efficiency, lowering overall costs of operation, and ensuring operationally ready staff at handover. With our holistic approach, we make documents more effective and project teams more collaborative.

Building Sciences

Peer Review, Litigation Support & Expert Witness

As a result of our extensive expertise and more than 30 years of experience in environmental consulting, NV5 provides independent third party (peer) review of the work performed by other environmental consultants. Many of our clients have found the reviews to be a useful method of obtaining a second opinion regarding: (1) the interpretation of … Continue reading Peer Review, Litigation Support & Expert Witness

Building Sciences

Building-Related Hazardous Materials

NV5 has experts that specialize in the identification of building-related hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls and other hazardous building constituents present in the built environment. The NV5 team is knowledgeable in the identification and mitigation of mold and environmental conditions leading to its growth. Our experts develop remediation specifications, conduct remediation monitoring … Continue reading Building-Related Hazardous Materials

Air Quality

Air Quality

NV5 experts quantify and report emissions under the Annual Emission Report (AER) Program, Regional CLean Air Incentives Market (RECLAIM) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Mandatory Reporting Regulation. Our experts also submit industrial wastewater reports, prepare environmental program documents and permit applications, and work with regulatory agencies on behalf of clients, which has resulted in an intimate … Continue reading Air Quality

Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning

NV5’s traffic engineers are the caretakers of the moving public. With research and unsurpassed expertise, they maintain safe and efficient traffic flow so you can get where you’re going. Whether we’re studying existing conditions and projected growth patterns to determine capacity and safety deficiencies or evaluating costs and benefits of various improvement alternatives to address … Continue reading Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning

NV5 - Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

NV5 provides full service geotechnical assistance during all phases of the development process from feasibility and preliminary studies through geotechnical design and evaluations, to quality control and quality assurance programs. We provide a spectrum of services including geotechnical reconnaissance, assessment, and investigations, conventional and advanced laboratory testing, conventional and advanced geotechnical engineering analyses and design, … Continue reading Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

NV5 - Code Compliance

Code Compliance & Building Safety – Municipal Third Party Plan Review & Inspection

NV5’s team of code compliance and private providers includes licensed building officials, plans examiners, inspectors, architects, and engineers who specialize in expediting the permit plan review process and field inspection on behalf of local building, public works, and fire departments. We are an independent third party providing services to support the safety of buildings under … Continue reading Code Compliance & Building Safety – Municipal Third Party Plan Review & Inspection