Engineering & Technology:
Electrical Engineering

Expert guidance for no-fail functionality.

Whether your project is a new development, renovation, or remediation, NV5’s electrical engineering teams work diligently with clients, developing solutions to produce practical, efficient, and cost-effective electrical systems designs for some of the world’s largest, most challenging, and innovative building projects. Our public and private clients’ projects are of all sizes (up to 10 million square feet!) and span various timeframes, from 30 days to multi-year commitments. We step outside the box for our clients, staying at the forefront of technology and implementing new solutions, where appropriate, in the least costly fashion.


  • Building Services (Lighting & Lighting Control, Power Distribution, & Specialty Systems)
  • Due Diligence Electrical Reviews (Including Forensic & Code Compliance)
  • Power Generation Systems (Emergency/Standby, Solar PV, Cogeneration)
  • Power Distribution Systems (Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Campus-wide)
  • Specialty Systems (Fire Alarm, Technology Pathways, Grounding, Healthcare Systems, UPS Systems)
  • System Studies (Short Circuit, Coordination, & Arc Flash Analysis)