Engineering & Technology:
Mechanical Engineering

We bring buildings to life.

NV5 has been designing some of the world’s most spectacular mechanical systems, including air-handling and climate controls to deal with the smoke, fire, and water effects in nearly all of the Cirque du Soleil theaters, and super-efficient, redundant cooling systems for some of the nation’s most advanced data centers. We also specialize in commercial, healthcare, laboratory, airport, residential, and retail building projects. We believe that the mark of a great mechanical system is that building occupants never think about it – they are comfortable, the air is good, the temperature is right, and the design is safe. Our mechanical (HVAC) systems heat and cool the indoor environment, ensure indoor air quality, maintain sensitive environments, and integrate life safety systems.


  • Central Utility Plants & Campus Distribution Systems
  • HVAC Airside Systems (Variable Volume, Demand Controlled Ventilation, Energy Recovery, Underfloor Air Distribution Systems, Dedicated Outside Air, & Evaporative Cooling Systems)
  • HVAC Hydronic Systems (Chilled Water, Hot Water, Steam, Condenser Water, & Geothermal)
  • Variable Refrigerant Systems (VRF)
  • Specialty Exhaust Systems (Parking Garage, Grease, Dust, Paint Spray)
  • High-Rise Mechanical Systems