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Plumbing Engineering

Beyond innovation to practical ingenuity.

NV5 has been a part of many impressive projects, designing the water supply for the 8.5 acre Fountains of the Bellagio, the lagoon and fountains of the Mirage Volcano, and the million-gallon pool in the Le Rêve Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas. Our plumbing systems circulate hot and cold water around the building, remove waste, divert rainwater to the storm system, and deliver natural gas or LPG around the property. Still, our greatest satisfaction comes from designs that are more down-to-earth. We make sure that the water pressure is the same on every floor of high-rise towers around the world; that natural gas lines are safe; and that wastewater, grease, and industrial waste are disposed of properly and efficiently.


  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Distribution Systems
  • Sanitary, Grease, & Medical Waste Systems
  • Compressed Air, Natural Gas, & Liquid Propane Distribution Systems
  • Grease and Sand/Oil Interceptor Systems
  • High-Rise Plumbing Systems & Medical Gas Systems
  • Building Water Treatment (Softening, RO, UV) & Rainwater, Grey Water, & Reclaimed Water Systems